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Melany Myers

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WOW! I just finished my first week back at work in three months and I am tired. I am so grateful to be back! If you didn’t know that I was gone or if you missed why, here are the details.

In November, 2020 I left to have spinal fusion surgery. The surgery was on the 16th and I spent four days in the hospital. Went home and I seemed to be healing well.  I figured I’d be back at work at the beginning of 2021. And that’s the way it was going until BOOM! A staph infection. At the end of December I started experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulders and arms. I thought it was just nerve pain that can happen after surgery. When it got so bad that I was crying, I knew there was an issue.

After an emergency MRI, it was concluded that I had a staph infection. So back into the hospital I went for a second surgery. It all happened so fast! It was crazy! I spent five more days in the hospital before going home. Those five days were rough, but thankfully I’m tough! My prognosis was iffy for a bit but thank goodness I recovered.

After the second surgery I went home and was pretty much homebound for six weeks. I had a picc line in my arm and had to receive infusion antibiotics three times a day, every day. I am so very luck my Mom was with me! She came down for the first surgery and ended up staying for three months! I would not have made it without her and I am so thankful for her!

I’m now feeling better and moving well. I have to take oral antibiotics for at least a YEAR…yeah…but I’m here. I’ve started physical therapy and am doing well.

When something like this happens it makes you think. I pray more now and I now realize how very lucky I am. I’m grateful for each day. It’s really easy to get depressed when something like this happens. Especially now with the pandemic. But every day I tried to think of one positive thing. And I’m continuing that!

Daily I pick out one positive moment of my day. Some days while homebound, it was hard. But I made myself do it. It’s so easy to fall into a depression and that hole can be hard to crawl out of. I know.  It’s helped my outlook and it’s also helped me be appreciative for all I have. Humor has helped too! Luckily my mom is silly like me so having her around was truly a joy.

As I move forward from all this medical craziness, I’m doing it with a more positive outlook on life. I’m still gonna be sarcastic since that’s just who I am, but I am definitely a more thankful person after this ordeal.

Thank you for all for the well wishes and messages. It means so much to me. And I am STOKED I’m back!