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Melany Myers

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I get it. It’s a cold, rainy Monday and getting psyched for work is hard. But THIS is just dumb!

Police say a man in Arizona has been arrested for faking his own kidnapping. Brandon Soules was found with his hands bound and a bandana stuffed in his mouth. He told cops that two masked men knocked him unconscious, put him in a vehicle, and drove around before kicking him out. Cops thought the man’s story sounded shady, and they were right. It was.

Apparently, Soules made up the kidnapping story to get out of work. DUDE! SO many other stories you could have come up with to miss a day of work! This seems a bit extreme!

Soules was arrested on suspicion of false reporting to police and he’s getting some days off.  Well, lots of days off. He no longer has a job as he was fired.

No matter what ya go through today, at least you aren’t as dumb as this guy. I get it, he’s young but come on! He had to have some other excuses. And it seems like a lot of effort to get out of work. LOL!   🙂  More details on the “kidnapping” here.