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Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

How many chicken sandwiches do we need? I guess a lot! Taco Bell is joining the chicken sandwich craziness and folks in the Charlotte area will be first to get a taste.

There is a difference with the Taco Bell sandwich: it’s a chicken sandwich and a taco. Score!  The chicken sandwich taco features a piece of crispy, all-white-meat chicken marinated in jalapeno buttermilk, seasoned with Mexican spices and covered in a tortilla chip coating. It’s served on a piece of puffy bread with a creamy chipotle sauce. It looks like crispy chicken in a pita wrap. Definitely looks tasty!  Taco Bell is also releasing a spicy version topped with jalapeno slices.

Taco Bell will be testing the tacos in Nashville and Charlotte for a limited time starting March 11. They’ll be priced at $2.49. A nationwide release is planned for later this year, though Taco Bell didn’t say when.Taco Bell is joining the chicken sandwich wars — and putting a twist on the popular entree:

The Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco puts Taco Bell in the company of several chains that released chicken sandwiches in the months following Popeyes’  very popular release. The chain made a splash in 2019 when it took on reigning chicken sandwich champ Chick-fil-A. KFC and Wendy’s have chicken sandwiches and McDonald’s and Burger King are releasing their chicken sandwiches soon. McDonald’s is adding three chicken sandwiches to their menus on February, 24. Burger King’s offer is arriving sometime this year. No exact date yet.

Phil and I may need to round up all the sandwiches and do a taste test! Who has your favorite? I’ll be honest, I haven’t even tried Popeye’s yet. Guess I need to get on it!