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Throwback Video of the Week!


British pop duo Go West have Hollywood to thank for the success of their biggest hit. “King of Wishful Thinking” was featured in the 1990 film Pretty Woman and on its soundtrack even though the lyrics don’t really fit the plot of the movie. According to Songfacts, the film’s executives just liked the way the song sounded and asked if they could use it.

It wasn’t until 1992 that Go West would include “King of Wishful Thinking” on their third studio album, Indian Summer. But it was the movie that gave the song the exposure it needed to become a top ten hit. The Pretty Woman soundtrack benefitted as well, selling over three million copies.

The video makes use of elements from the movie and Hollywood in general. That sure looks like Julia Roberts opening the door of Go West’s limo, although I don’t think it’s actually her. Watch for the Roy Orbison impersonator, too.

Go West - King Of Wishful Thinking (Official Music Video)

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