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Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

My dog Kramer loves me but he LOVES my mom more. His Bubbie (grandmother) is his favorite person. And my mom loves Kramer! I could totally see her doing something like this.

Truth told, I would probably do something like this! I have a brand new pup at home. Kramer now has a new sister named Eddy. I have a new Jack Russell rescue dog. (Pics here)  Eddy came from a horrible situation although her rescue/foster mom has done wonders with her. She’s still a bit skittish so maybe a bedtime story will help.

This Nani decided to tell her very tired puppy a bedtime story and it’s THE cutest thing! It’s quite obvious that this grandma loves her granddog! If you need a smile this week, this will definitely do it. If I DO try this at home with Eddy, I’ll film it so you can see it. Kramer may even like a bedtime story.

Enjoy! You can’t watch this without saying, “Awwwwwww”


Nani tells a very sleepy pup a bedtime story!

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