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Chad Michael Butler/Shutterstock

My wife and I have been talking about trying to visit all of America’s national parks. We’ve been to some of them already, but there are plenty left for us to explore. We don’t have a particular order in mind, but we should definitely try to be at Yosemite National Park in California next February to see the “firefall,” which has begun appearing in the past week.

Every year, for just a couple of weeks, the setting sun hits Horsetail Falls at just the right angle, to illuminate the upper reaches of the waterfall. When conditions are perfect, Horsetail Falls glows orange and red at sunset, giving the illusion that it’s on fire. It looks almost like lava flowing down the rock formation known as El Capitan.

The “firefall” phenomenon requires very specific weather and light conditions to be seen. It appears for a only few minutes at a time, so viewing it in person requires a bit of planning. At least one Twitter user caught it on video this week. You can learn more about seeing the “firefall” in the short video below:

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The Yosemite "firefall" has captured the interest of photographers and social media users alike in recent days, as the light show returned to the eastern fac...