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Melany Myers

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It’s only Monday, and I’m calling it! This woman is my hero of the week! A grandma in Australia was seen chasing and tackling a robber who stole her purse.

The elderly woman was at a pub, and the man took off with her purse. The grandma chased him and threw him to the ground. And I don’t know this for sure, but it looks like she put the robber in a headlock! Nice! After winning the altercation, the elderly woman grabbed her bag and walked back to the pub. The driver allegedly drove off in a white truck.

There’s security video of the whole ordeal so we know this happened. I really hope when the lady walked back into the bar with her purse that someone bought her a drink. At the very least, she deserved that.

Not to sound bad, but I hope I’m like this when I’m older. I love this lady! More details on the story here.

Gold Coast Grandma Tackles Bag Snatcher to the Ground

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