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Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Multitasking is something we all do in our jobs on a daily basis but THIS is just flat out crazy! A California plastic surgeon appeared in front of a judge during a viral appearance while he was operating on a patient. Say what?!

Yup.  Dr. Scott Green shocked a traffic court judge after appearing for his virtual court appearance while operating on a patient. He appeared for his virtual hearing dressed in surgical scrubs. A court official realized he seemed “distracted,” and  asked Green if he, as it appeared, was actually in an operating room. Green admitted he was, but said he was “available for trial. Go right ahead.” He said he had another doc assisting him, so he was fine to proceed with the hearing.

The judge was taken back by the doctor’s appearance in the operating room and refused to continue the trial. He suggested  finding a new court date. But Green doesn’t just have a traffic ticket to worry about anymore. The Medical Board of California is now investigating saying it “expects physicians to follow the standard of care when treating their patients.”

Having recently had surgery, this just makes me freak out! Can you imagine being that patient and finding out what happened after your surgery?! There’s no way the doctor can deny what happened as the court appearance was virtual, so there’s pictures and video. Pardon my language, but what a dumbass! I seriously doubt this story helps his business. LOL!

I have so many questions. My first is does the patient have to pay for the surgery since the doc was distracted? Since it’s traffic court, couldn’t the doc just pay the ticket?  CRAZY!

I’ll try and keep you informed as to what the medical board decides. Grab more info here.