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Beer Bong in action (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)

Who says college doesn’t teach you stuff? A Seattle dad needed to help his eight-month-old daughter bring her weight up…so he constructed a BABY BEER BONG.

Rudy Willingham, 36, gave it the “ole college try” when he learned his eight-month-old daughter was in the second percentile for weight, and the doctor said she needed to take in more calories before her next appointment. So Rudy came up with the idea to get her to chug more formula by using a beer bong.

He built the baby beer bong out of a funnel and a tube, and then attached a bottle nipple to the end of it. Rudy said, “I gained a ton of weight this way in college, so I figured it could do the same for her.” Check out the TikTok video HERE.