K104.7’s Pot of Gold

Sophie Mahdavi/Shutterstock

When my wife and I traveled through Ireland in 1999, one of our stops was in the town of Dingle, which happens to be on the Dingle Peninsula. Our sons were not with us on that trip so the only giggles in the car came from me. I watched a lot of “Beavis & Butthead” in the ’90s.

Did I buy a t-shirt in Dingle? You know I did. All kidding aside, the town and peninsula are beautiful and I’d go back in a heartbeat. In fact, everywhere we went in Ireland was absolutely stunning.

Since St. Patrick’s Day is a time to celebrate all things Irish, and the Irish love to laugh, here’s a list of place names on the Emerald Isle that might make your inner-teenager snicker a wee bit:

  • Bastardstown
  • Blue Ball
  • Crazy Corner
  • Dicksboro
  • Dingle
  • Doodys Bottoms
  • Effin
  • Fannystown
  • Fartrim
  • Hackballs Cross
  • Horetown
  • Killawilly
  • Licketstown
  • Lousybush
  • Meelick
  • Slutsend

Oh, there are more! Check out this list from The Irish Post.