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This is cool! If you’ve binge watched all the shows you’ve wanted, and are looking for something new to watch, check this out. Walmart is now offering free cooking shows from your favorite celebrity chefs.

Walmart Cookshop features shows from famous chefs like Jamie Oliver, Patti LaBelle, Sofia Vergara, the Pioneer Woman, and many more.  If you see something you like on the video, you can shop at Walmart online for the ingredients to prepare the dish for your family. I like this! Usually I’ll save recipes on Pinterest and have to go back and find the recipe to find out all the ingredients. With this service, you can order while watching the cooking shows.

The feature also lets you save your favorite recipes for later!  Walmart just did an update to the channel too, so happy cooking and binge-watching.

Cooking is one of the hobbies I picked up as soon as I could after my neck surgery. I didn’t cook for almost three months and I missed it. It’s something that eases my anxiety. Of course, I like to eat too so cooking different recipes is fun for me.

Walmart Cook Shop

Personalize recipes & make life easier in the kitchen this season. Go to #WalmartCookshop

Posted by Walmart on Saturday, December 26, 2020