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Melany Myers

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Photo illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

You need to go ahead and grab a box of tissues now. Do not go any further until you have them. This is gonna make you tear up quickly. When I watched the video, I started crying within the first 15 seconds. The little girl’s voice got me right in the feels!

We’re all familiar with the Keebler Company (the elves) and the Make-A-Wish Foundation (the kids). The two teamed up to help a little girl named Jessa who lives here in Charlotte.

Jessa┬áis suffering from a rare and complex nervous disorder. The seven-year-old has always had a dream of becoming a Queen. And it happened! Keebler and Make-A-Wish made Jessa’s dream come true. She got to be a queen in the “Queen City”. The two companies created a video of Jessa’s experience and it will definitely make you cry. Jessa narrates her experience and her voice is just adorable! I lost it!

Jessa's Story | Keebler & Make-A-Wish

Jessa's big wish was to become the queen of the Queen City. We partnered with #MakeAWish to make her dream come true! Grab some milk, your favorite #Keebler ...

There are ways that YOU can help make wishes come true for kids all over the country and you can also send cookies to kids. Spread some love! All the info you need is here.