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Melissa McCarthy is one of my favorite movie stars! I think she’s hilarious and “The Heat” is one of my favorite flicks. I can watch it over and over and still laugh. She was also great in “Bridesmaids” and “Spy”.

On April 9th on Netflix, McCarthy’s latest comedic film drops and the trailer looks awesome. The movie is called “Thunder Force” and Octavia Spencer stars in it as well. The movie is about two childhood best friends that reunite in their 40’s as an unlikely crime-fighting superhero duo when one invents a formula that gives ordinary people superpowers.

The two women, now known as  Thunder Force must battle a new kind of criminal, the super-powered Miscreants and save Chicago from the clutches of The King.  The film was written and directed by Ben Falcone, who is McCarthy’s husband. He makes appearances in all of McCarthy’s films, which I love.

My description doesn’t do the plot justice, but the trailer does. And I love that AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” song is played in the trailer. Nice! Check it out! I’m counting down to April 9!

Thunder Force | Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer | Official Trailer | Netflix

In a world where supervillains are commonplace, two estranged childhood best friends reunite after one devises a treatment that gives them powers to protect ...