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If you’ve been thinking of switching careers, this may help you out! Kerry King, the “tarot queen” has made a list of careers that fit with with your particular astrological sign. Looking at this list is definitely easier than taking a career aptitude test.


I’m a Capricorn, and according to my sign, I’d be best suited for a career as a carpenter, stylist, brand manager, or in real estate. There’s no way anyone wants me to have a hammer and nails as I’m an accident waiting to happen. Stylist is out as I truly don’t have an interest in high fashion. I’m currently wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt. LOL!  Brand manager I get as I started my radio career as a marketing assistant. And with my gift for chatting lots, I could totally see myself selling real estate. I know a few ex-radio folks that currently do that, so that makes sense.

Phil is a Libra and according to his sign, he would make a good judge, social worker, probation officer, or hairdresser. There’s no way I want Phil coming at me with scissors!

What sign are you and what would career would be good for you?  Is the chart accurate? Details here;

  • Aries. Because of your competitiveness and natural bravery, you should be working in sports, sales, the military, or as a reality tv game show contestant.
  • Taurus. You love luxury and you’re persistent AF which is why you should be a banker, restaurant owner, interior designer, or architect.
  • Gemini. Your active mind and creativity as a Gemini would best be suited for writing, politics, journalism, hairdressing, and beautification.
  • Cancer. Folks that share this empathic star sign would most likely excel as a counselor, life coach, doctor, or cruise ship worker.
  • Leo. Leos are all natural-born leaders with big ambitions and that’s why King believes they should be working as “anything with ‘Chief’ in the title” or as an influencer.
  • Virgo. The perfectionists of the astrology community. Virgos should turn their love of details into careers in accounting, pharmacy, engineering, or journalism.
  • Libra. As you’re most likely an intellectual with a love of balance and harmony, you should be working as a judge, social worker, probation officer, or hairdresser.
  • Scorpio. Strong and brave, Scorpios love danger. King recommends careers in law enforcement, sex therapy, and politics for this star sign.
  • Sagittarius. Because of your love of life and never settling, anything to do with tourism would be great for you. King says being a veterinarian, driver, or philosopher could also work.
  • Capricorn. You’re a hard worker and you love security and status. Capricorn should be working as a carpenter, stylist, brand manager, or in real estate.
  • Aquarius. You want to make the world a better place but you’d prefer to do it solo so look into becoming a pilot, inventor, artist, or astronaut.
  • Pisces. The mix of creativity and compassion Pisces has made them perfect for work as a poet, actor, private detective, mixologist, or masseuse.