We all know someone or some family that is going through a hard time right now. So many people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. There’s a group of moms across the country that are helping to feed their communities and they’re doing it with one lasagna at a time.

There’s a Facebook group called “Lasagna Love” and folks all over the country have become a part of the group. Volunteers sign up to make a pan of lasagna for a family right in their neighborhood, no questions asked. It’s a way to help feed those that are truly struggling in our communities.

Charlotte mom Elizabeth Schriver, joined the group and she says it’s been a great way to get her family together, while giving back to those who need a little pick me up. Sometimes a nice hot tray of food can make a person’s day. You don’t need to be unemployed to receive a lasagna, anyone who needs help can sign up for one.

Schriver says they deliver all lasagnas cooked and ready to eat for those who sign up. If you or someone you know would like to sign up for a lasagna, or to sign up to volunteer, you can find more information on the groups Facebook page.

I requested to join the group today.  I’m truly lucky that I’m still employed and lasagna is a dish that isn’t too pricey to make. So many people reached out and helped my mom and I when I was recovering from surgery. I’m MORE than happy to make a few lasagna’s to help others in my community. Although it’s only Tuesday, my plan for the weekend is to make at least three lasagna’s that I can deliver to others. I’m excited!

This is such a great idea! It’s a simple and easy way to make someone’s life a little easier and better. If you’d like to sign up for food or if you’d like to volunteer, info is here. If you aren’t a great cook or if you don’t have the time to cook, you can also donate monetarily.  And thank you for anything you can do to help others.