Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images

Can I just say that I am already saving for ALL of this?! ‘Seinfeld’ is my all time favorite show. Phil and I are both fans which is good because we both constantly quote the show. When I was out for neck surgery, I watched every season AGAIN! I thought my mom was gonna lose it!

Funko Festivus is gonna be a thing for 2021. Funko Pop, the premiere company for pop culture collectibles, is launching a new line of ‘Seinfeld’ products based on the TV comedy. Not only will there be the famous vinyl Pop! figures, there will also be T-shirts, backpacks, wallets, glassware and even a game; The Party Game About Nothing. YES! I need it all! And it all comes out this June.

Funko Pop does a great job and they’re definitely doing the Seinfeld characters correctly. There’s a figure of Jerry sporting his vintage puffy shirt, which is a classic episode on the show.  The Kramer figure has the crazy Kramer hair and they’ve nailed his “hipster doofus” attire. Elain is rockin’ her red dress with her Boticelli shoes, also a excellent episode. And George’s figure is just SO George! There are some supporting characters that are also coming out in June. Newman, Jerry’s nemesis and Yev Kassem aka “The Soup Nazi”.

Seinfeld mini-moments will be available in addition to the character figures. You can combine them to form a panoramic diorama depicting Jerry’s Upper West Side apartment. Funko’s other accessories include a gallery of T-shirts, pins, bags of various shapes, sizes and uses, from coin purses to backpacks. There’s even a wallet. “Wallllletttt” is you’re a fan of the show!

But wait, there’s more! Funko also has a set of collectible glasses with the faces of Jerry and George on them as well as a game called ‘The Party Game About Nothing’.  It combines Trivial Pursuit-style feats of strength (mental) with charades and a last minute fishing competition for snag the elusive marble rye.

I want the WHOLE collection! Even after the pandemic subsides, I may just stay at home with all my ‘Seinfeld’ stuff. Yes, that’s where I am in life right now. LOL! The game will be a blast to play with other ‘Seinfeld’ fans.

If you’ve never seen the show, do your self a favor and watch the re-runs. The entire ‘Seinfeld’ catalog can also be seen on Hulu. Trust me, there’s a reason I can repeat so many lines from the show. I watch the re-runs on Hulu lots! Obviously I’m a fan. I have a dog named Kramer!

There’s already a reminder in my phone for June 1 so I can make sure to get all the stuff I want. So far, this is the best part of 2021!