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Mitzi Mandel/Pixabay

When I saw the headline “St. Patrick’s Day Activities Beyond Drinking Green Beers” on Bustle, I thought, this will be a short list. I’m kidding!

Beer and whiskey are very closely associated to St. Patrick’s Day, but there’s certainly a lot more to the holiday than drinking. And this year, I’m celebrating St. Patrick’s Day without any alcohol because I gave it up for Lent.

Here are a few St. Patrick’s Day activities that don’t involve a shot of Jameson or a pint of Guinness:

  • Check out a virtual parade – The real ones aren’t happening this year.
  • Learn about St. Patrick – Did you know he wasn’t born in Ireland?
  • Rock a green outfit – You don’t want to get pinched, do you? Although, maybe you can’t do that anymore in 2021.
  • Cook an Irish meal – Irish stew, Shepherd’s pie, colcannon, soda bread, corned beef and cabbage!
  • Read a book by an Irish author – James Joyce is the most famous.
  • Watch an Irish movieThe Quiet Man is a classic. Brooklyn is a good one from 2015.
  • Make a Shamrock shake – Or just get one at McDonald’s.

You can see some more ideas for an un-boozy St. Patrick’s Day celebration HERE.