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James Pond/Unsplash

The pandemic has forced many Americans to pivot from their normal way of life into new ways of earning money. After her husband lost his job, Megan Hardy of Mobile, Alabama decided to pitch some class ideas to Outschool for a little extra income.

The stay-at-home mom came up with a few ideas, but the one that clicked was teaching people how to play Dungeons & Dragons. Hardy says she’s into “geeky gaming stuff” and thought some kids might be, too. She wasn’t expecting the overwhelming response she got for her fantasy role-playing classes.

According to Acorns, Megan Hardy’s D&D hobby has grown into something much bigger than the typical side hustle. In fact, it has become quite the lucrative career. Hardy now makes $10,000 a month teaching up to 40 classes each week. Do you have a hobby that could potentially turn into a money-making venture?