Photo by Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images

COVID-19 restrictions in North Carolina are going to change this Friday. The restrictions will ease up here in our state with restaurants able to open with 75% capacity indoors and 100% outdoors. Lots of us are excited but unfortunately restaurant owners have an issue: hiring a full staff.

More customers will be walking through the doors of local establishments but as of right now, many restaurants are finding it hard to find employees. People aren’t applying for restaurant jobs and they’re needed.

WBTV spoke with Charles and Cat Read own the Queen City Craft and Gourmet restaurant in south Charlotte and they say that it’s hard to get people to apply right now. Before the pandemic they had a staff of 24 and now their staff is down to 14. Wait staff, cooks, busboys, etc. are needed in restaurants all over the Charlotte area.

I know Charles and Cat and they have an awesome place. Their food is great! Working in a restaurant is not the easiest job, but it builds character! I did it for years. Fun environment but hard work.

So many folks are in need of jobs right now though. And as the state begins to open up more, restaurants all over will be in need of workers. If you or if someone you know is in need of full time or part time employment, check with the locally owned restaurants in your area.

We all need to continue to do our part to support the local restaurants, shops, and businesses in our area. At least once a week I make sure to get take-out from a locally owned restaurant in Gastonia. It helps local people and it gives me a chance to try different restaurants. Win/win!