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Melany Myers

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These days it isn’t uncommon for folks to browse real estate listings just for the fun of it. A man in England did just that and got a shock. He saw HIS cat in his neighbor’s home listing.

A man who goes by Genoroom on Twitter shared that he recently checked out his neighbor’s house listing on the site Zoopla. He was totally stunned at one of the pictures. It was his orange cat lying comfortably on a bed.

Now since the cat looks totally comfortable on the bed it’s obvious that the feline is enjoying a second life as the neighbor’s pet as well. Apparently, this isn’t exactly an uncommon occurrence amongst felines. No offense to cat lovers, but I think cats are a bit sneakier than dogs. Obviously the cat liked the neighbor and made frequent visits to his house.

More than 35,000 people have liked the post on Twitter, with several people sharing similar stories. Phil and I have discussed a cat story where the cat was living a double life. The cat would go back and forth between two families, snagging meals at both.

No word on if this cat will receive a commission if the house sells. My guess is the neighbor definitely offers treats to the cat. I mean, if you’re an animal lover you have to give out treats to a dog or cat that stops by. It’s just having good manners!

I’m a dog person and I’ve never had one of my dogs lead a double life. When my dog Maxwell was alive, he would bolt out the door if you weren’t careful. At the time, I lived near a McDonald’s and more than once I found him in the parking lot begging for food. He wasn’t hungry mind you, he just wanted a Big Mac and some fries! Shady dog!

There are over 3,000 comments and stories shared on this post and you can read them all on @Generoom’s Twitter page. Too funny!