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Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

How fast can a dog run? Here’s the answer: as fast as a car! The fastest pup in America is a mixed-breed rescue dog named Phelan.

Walin’ Phelan The Bearded Lass is her full name and she lives in Maryland.¬†Phelan, who is thought to be a mix of Greyhound, Borzoi, and Scottish Deerhound breeds, was rescued in Texas three years ago by Shreet and Ted Koch. They saw some pictures of Phelan on Facebook and knew she was the dog for them.

Phelan won the crown of America’s fastest pup at the 2020 American Kennel Club Fast CAT Invitational in Orlando, Florida back in December. The Fast CAT (Fast Coursing Ability Tests) competition is a 100-yard dash where dogs run one at a time, chasing a lure. Each competitor runs three times, and its speeds are converted into miles per hour then averaged.

Phelan’s average speed is 32.3 mph. Yep! This dog is crazy fast! And the dog can go even faster. She’s been clocked at 34 mph. I had no idea that dogs could even run that fast.

When I was watching the video of this dog running I was shocked. You can barely see the dog’s face when she’s running. If you blink you may miss this girl running past you.

The video below is from a local Maryland TV news station and you can see Phelan’s owners talking about the dog. Go to the 1:10 mark to see the dog run. It’s impressive!

Did You Know, The Fastest Dog In America Lives In Maryland? Meet Phelan, From Crownsville

Here's a fun fact you probably don't know: The fastest dog in the country lives right here in Maryland.