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Who was Rocky Balboa before his first fight with Apollo Creed in 1976? We don’t know much about the Italian Stallion’s backstory but, according to Collider, that could change.

In a revelation to ‘Rocky’ fans everywhere, Sylvester Stallone has made it known that he’s developing a prequel series to give us a look at what life was like for Balboa before he became the boxer we’ve known and loved for five decades. Stallone says the series will be about ten episodes. The story would be set in what he calls “the most transformative generation in modern history. The Sixties.” Sly even posted some of his handwritten notes on Instagram:

The historical references are interesting. It almost looks like ‘Rocky’ meets ‘Forrest Gump.’ Stallone didn’t say who would be playing the young Rocky Balboa. It’s still very early, but you can bet the streaming platforms are hoping to get their hands on this once it’s completed.

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By the way, if you ever visit Philadelphia, be sure to take a photo with the Rocky statue. It’s located outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where you can also run up the iconic steps.

Rocky statue

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