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Eric Isselee/Shutterstock

I always assumed that Great Danes are called that because of their size, but maybe it’s because they’re just truly great dogs. The breed is known for being exceptionally gentle with kids, adults, and other animals. Shelby is a perfect example of that.

Shirley Zindler of the Dogwood Animal Rescue Project says Shelby had been surrendered to the shelter in Santa Rosa, California. The Harlequin Great Dane was put up for adoption but she got along so well with the staff and, more importantly, the other foster animals that no one could bear to part with her.

Shelby is practically a part of the staff herself. Any time her humans bring home new foster animals, the gentle giant nurtures them as if they are her own. Not just dogs but cats, too! Watch as she engages and even grooms the tiniest of puppies and kittens:

For the first time in fifteen years, my family does not have a dog at home. We’ve started looking for a dog to adopt but haven’t decided on a breed. After seeing Shelby, I’m suddenly very interested in Great Danes.