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Melany Myers

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For years and years, having a flower girl at a wedding has been a tradition. Usually the flower girl is someone’s daughter, cousin, or niece. But it looks like the trend in weddings is now the “flower guy.”

Last September a video went viral after a couple decided to have a “flower dude” in their wedding. The video became so popular that the “Real Flower Dude” developed his own social media pages. Apparently this guy started a trend because now there are lots of wedding videos with “flower guys” in them. You can find lots of them on TikTok.

Talortomuchh on TikTok shared the below video of the “flower man” that she had at her wedding. This guy ain’t playing!!! He’s in it to win it. And Taylor isn’t the only one that has jumped on the flower guy bandwagon. You can see other flower men at weddings throwing out some serious charm and making weddings so much fun.

I’ll say this, these guys definitely get the wedding guests attention. Watching a cute flower girl is nice but seeing a grown man bring his own finesse to the job of throwing flowers is just a good time!


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