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Melany Myers

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Y’all, I can’t even with summer clothes this year! I’m going on a long weekend trip to the beach with my friends toward the end of May. I’ve started buying some shorts and bought a swimsuit, and all of my stuff is a size up than my clothes were last year. My slogan for summer is FGS cause it’s gonna be a “fat girl summer” for me.

Many of us have gained weight since the pandemic started so I know I’m not alone. I lost a considerable amount of weight after having neck surgery but had no issue putting it back on fast! Holy moly! Granted, it’s been a few years since I’ve purchased summer shorts. Heck up until last year, I was still wearing shorts I bought 12 years ago from Old Navy. Those ain’t fitting this year.

I’ve never been a big fan of shopping for clothes as an adult, even when I was way skinner. Everyone has a different body shape and I’ve never really had a waist. I’m built like my dad…..stocky. If I can snag stuff online, I do. Sometimes that’s hard as every brand of clothing fits people differently. Most of my weight is in my stomach area so I have to shop to fit that area.

Prior to my neck surgery, I was losing weight with Profile by Sanford. They have a good program and I may need to start that again at some point. My exercise is limited to walking and riding a stationary bike since surgery. Walking is definitely what I need to do more of. And I won’t lie, I’m eating way too much.

Not socializing has made me become more of a snacker at home. I’m still very careful about going out and being around people since I’m on antibiotics for the next year. That staph infection knocked me down so recovering takes a lot of time. My immune system isn’t strong so I’m limited to who I see for a while.

So what do you do when you’re home alone? Eat! And online shop. Going up a size in clothes has bummed me out a bit but I’m trying to gain some confidence and just roll with it. I have so many other issues to deal with that being a bit chubby pales in comparison. Still, when you have to order clothes a size up it throws ya!

Now I recognize my “fat girl summer” isn’t all on me. My thyroid is outta whack, I think the “change” is rollin’ in, my mobility is limited since spinal fusion surgery, and I passed 50 years old this year. But admittedly, my ice cream habit ain’t helping. Still, I’m hoping to embrace my “fat girl summer” and get my spunk back. I’ve dealt with a lot of fear this year and I’m trying to move past some of that. My mom stayed with me for three months after surgery and when she went back home, it took me a while to be comfortable being alone.

After surgery I was out of work for three months and I’m still trying to get back into the groove of early mornings. I’m trying to cook more and make sure I’m eating a bit healthier. But it’s still gonna be a FGS for me, so I’m trying to change my mindset and just rock it! If you’re in the same boat, I so understand!  Maybe we should start a club and get tees. LOL!

After the last year we all just need to try and find happiness where we can. That’s truly what matters.