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Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Remember when photobooths were really popular? Back in the 80’s you always got photobooth pics with your boyfriend or your bestie! Especially at the beach. I still have a photobooth picture of me and my friend Lisa Silver Fox from 1983 when we were at Myrtle Beach vacationing with her family. Any time I see that pic, I smile.

I’m one of those people that constantly takes pictures of my dogs. Kramer and Eddy are both hams so I try to get shots that show their unique personalities. Kramer is quite photogenic and definitely plays to the camera. Action shots of Kramer shows exactly why I named him Kramer! He’s a bit of a spaz. The staff at the doggy daycare that Kramer attends will often take pictures and I think this one truly shows his personality.


There’s a photographer named Lynn Terry that decided to invite a bunch of pups to pose for her camera.¬†Combining her love for vintage and furry four-legged friends, Terry created her own animal photoboth and the pictures are awesome! It’s so cool to see all the different personalities of the dogs. And I’m not the only one that thinks so! Terry’s pics went viral and she even published a book, called Tails from the Booth.

These pictures are what “dog selfies” would look like and there are many of these pups that totally know how to play to the camera. I love that there are all types of dog breeds in the pictures. In many of the pictures that contain more than one dog, the dogs are shown kissing each other. It’s so cute! The pictures of the Standard Poodles is one of my favorites. These two really know how to work the camera! The family of French Bulldogs is adorable too.

Honestly, if you’re a dog fan, there isn’t a bad picture. It’s so interesting to see the different moods of the dogs in each frame. The facial expressions are truly priceless. They’ll make you laugh and smile!

See more of Terry’s work on her Instagram page¬†and on her website. It’s so cool to see all these dogs through her eyes. If you’re a true dog fan, you’ll enjoy checking out her work.