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Melany Myers

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Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

This is one of the craziest lottery stories and it happened right here in North Carolina. The North Carolina Education Lottery announced that there were 6,523 winners and a total $2.4 million in prizes awarded this past Sunday. The Carolina Pick 3 drawing came up with the numbers 1-1-1 and over 6,000 people used those numbers.

Lottery officials said the triple-digit drawing, known as “trips”, resulted in 6,523 tickets matching all three numbers. Winners of the Carolina Pick 3 drawing win either $250 or $500, depending on how much they paid for their tickets. With this many winners the resulting total payout was $2.4 million Sunday afternoon.

Officials said it was the third time in just two weeks that the Carolina Pick 3 has come up 1-1-1. The March 23 evening drawing and the March 28 daytime drawing resulted in the same numbers. Wow!

I never would have played those particular numbers but apparently lots of other folks have them in their lotto number rotation. This is definitely a score for lots of North Carolina folks. Nice!