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This Sunday April 11th is National Pet Day.  And according to a survey in honor of the holiday, dogs are the most popular pet in the U.S. and cats are number two. Wait! I’m pretty sure the cats haven’t heard about this and are gonna be pretty pissed when they do.

We’re dog people at my house at present, but we’ve owned our share of cats too. I saw a saying on a church yard sign that’s perfect here. “Dogs prepare you for babies, cats prepare you for teenagers”! So true. Maya our late black German Shepherd was offspring of police K-9 dogs. Her bark could scare but she was sweet. Remy was a rescue that my son named after his favorite band, R.E>M. She’s a boxer-pit mix and she is my “soul dog”. Grace was my wife’s rescue on Valentine’s Day in 2011. All females and so much apart of our lives. No matter what your choice of pet, Happy National Pets Day this Sunday. They’re part of the family.


The most popular pet in the U.S. is . . . a dog.  45% of people who own a pet have a dog.  Cats are second, at 30%.

The rest of the 10 most popular pets are:  Fish . . . birds . . . hamsters or gerbils . . . horses . . . snakes . . . guinea pigs . . . lizards . . . and tarantulas.  (Don’t go there). Random pet facts below.

10% of Americans say their pet is their best friend.

11% of people say they specifically “hang out” with their pets.

And finally, 10% of us including me have conversations with their pets.

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