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Complete Firepit

As we roll into warmer weather, outdoor living spaces are all the rage. For a few years, I had been thinking about adding a firepit to my backyard. I know several folks that spend many relaxing hours around their firepits with family in the cooler temps after the sun goes down. This time of year, a firepit is as much about the ambiance as it is warmth.

After some research, I elected on a firepit kit from a local home improvement store. All you need is typically on one wooden pallet to be loaded in your truck and taken home. In my case, since I was in an SUV, the workers broke down the pallet and helped me load the individual blocks and metal ring into my vehicle.

I elected to NOT use adhesive, but rather use the weight of the blocks making up the pit to hold it in place. Once you cement the blocks, the ONLY way to move the pit is to bust it up. Not that I plan to relocate it, but in a pinch, I could.

Directions say 1 hour but it took me longer as I could NOT drive to the firepit location in my backyard. I had to unload and transport the blocks inside my fence and down the grade into the yard. That added some time to the project for me. The hardest part was making the ground level as my yard had some slope. The pics below are my finished pit that came with photo directions. The youtube video is another installation option. The kit did NOT come with the leveling sand, broken brick chips, and lava rock.  All extra materials plus kit ran me around $250 and took me about 2.5 hours to complete. I did not have adequate chairs so added some inexpensive Adirondack chairs to circle the pit.

The retailer Installation video is below!

How To Build a Fire Pit (w/a Ring Kit)

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