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This is one of the dumbest stories I’ve ever read so I had to share it! We have all worked with someone that’s annoying or overly sensitive. I think few of us have had to deal with a co-worker like this. It all started with the woman who has been “eating potatoes by microwaving them, then biting into them, eating them hot dog style” her whole life. Apparently, a co-worker found her style of eating offensive and reported her to HR. What?!

A new co-worker found her office mates way of eating potatoes “too suggestive” and found it so offensive she complained to HR. The weird office drama escalated to the point of both workers having to chat with HR. The “potato eater” says her parents taught her to eat potatoes in this manner, and she’s done it her whole life. She’s been working in the same office for the last four years and no one has made a complaint about her eating habits.

Usually, the author eats lunch at her desk and rarely realizes how she eats things. Most of us eat certain foods in a particular manner and don’t think too much about them. Same with this woman. Enter “Karen”, the new employee. “Karen” chats with the author numerous times, asking her to eat her potatoes in a different way. The author tells “Karen” that no one has had an issue before and that maybe she shouldn’t watch her eat if she’s offended.

Off “Karen” go to HR. Both ladies had several meetings with HR and more drama ensued. Others found this story so nuts that it’s gone viral with over 18,000 comments. Reading the whole story wore me out! I feel bad for the “potato eater” and the HR employee. Can you imagine having to handle a “sexual harassment” claim because of a baked potato?!

If a co-worker reheats salmon or some kind of stinky food regularly, maybe I could see someone complaining, but this is crazy! Be careful about how you eat your lunch at work! Someone could get upset! LOL! Read more here.