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(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

In my younger radio days, I was working at WEGO/WPEG at that time located in Concord. I was helping the engineer clean out the basement in the station one Saturday morning after my shift. He pointed to the cinder block wall and said “look there”, “some black tar has seeped in from the sealant outside, go check it out for me”! Being a good helper, I wanted to impress the man that turned out to be my future wife’s uncle, so I complied. I approached the black tar and touched it with my finger. As I did that, the baby black snake wrapped around my hand and arm and I immediately peed myself. The engineer cried from laughing so hard. I tell you that story to ask you to imagine how it would be to reach for a can of beans and there’s a snake on the shelf.

This happened in Apex, N.C. near Raleigh, when a woman found a snake slithering on a shelf of Baked Beans in Target.

She thought she was being pranked but instead came face to face with the real thing.
Thinking it was a joke, she pulled out her camera to video it but when she zoomed in she got a surprise, the snakes tongue came out! (I Wonder if she peed like I did)?

Staying calm, she got help. A Target spokesperson said the snake was unharmed and removed from the store.
The area where the snake was found was sanitized and pest control was called in.
How do you think you would have reacted if you came face to face with a snake in Target?