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When I first started at the radio station, Phil & I discussed a recipe for Dill Pickle Cupcakes and I actually made them for us to try. It was the start to our “freaky food” videos. Honestly, they were pretty tasty but I’ll admit I haven’t made them again.

Savory cupcakes are now a “thing” and there are numerous TikTok videos with different recipes for the tangy treats. They are a good way to make dinner a bit for festive and fun.

August DeWindt, aka on TikTok posted her recipe for hot wing “cupcakes” and it received positive reviews. Obviously these are made differently than sweet cupcakes. First, she starts with mashed potatoes that will be used as the frosting. You wanna make them fluffy, so bust out the butter and heavy cream. For the “cake” part of the treat, she makes corn muffins.

The chicken wings will top the treat and  DeWindt stresses that you need to season these generously. She uses Creole seasoning, paprika, garlic powder, black pepper and Italian seasoning. Then she fries ‘em up until they’re “nice and crispy” and finally soaks them in Buffalo sauce before topping the “cupcake” with them.

I’ll say this, they look yummy! A fun way to have dinner and they’d be a blast for a party.


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DeWindt isn’t the only home chef whipping up savory cupcakes. @lexiscreations25 on TikTok made some amazing savory cupcakes. She used corn muffins as the cake part, but filled the inside with mac and cheese before topping it with mashed potato frosting, gravy, and adding a small piece of fried chicken. Looks so good!

If you’re on Pinterest (I’m on there way too much) you can find all kinds of recipes for savory cupcakes. There are some unique ideas there. These will make meal time a bit more entertaining, especially if you have kids.