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Melany Myers

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The grand opening of Lavender House CLT is happing Wednesday, May 5 here in Charlotte and it looks cool! The store owners are Wilfredro Rosa and his wife Lindsey Smith. Lavender House will be the first black and minority-owned CBD dispensary in Charlotte. The grand opening will be help from 11am-7pm at 1101 E. 36th St. in Charlotte.

I’m still learning about CBD and about how it can help illnesses and improve health. My dad, an 80 year-old competitive powerlifter, uses it for arthritis pain and he says it’s definitely helped. Lavender House will offer CBD products for health and wellness . They’ll also help to educate the community on the benefits of CBD. The global CBD market size was valued at over $2.8 billion in 2020, which is huge.

Lavender House CLT will offer high-quality, hemp-derived products to customers with a wide variety of CBD candy flavors produced at the company’s candy bar. The grand opening of the store will feature several fun activities, including food trucks, live entertainment, as well as free adult CBD candy bar sampling. The categories of products offered by Lavender House CLT include organic CBD oil, Chapstick, pain salve, massage oil, CBD-themed merchandise, and hand sanitizer.

Even though I’m only 51 years-old, I deal with arthritis. I’ve had three knee surgeries, a shoulder surgery, and most recently spinal fusion surgery. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2020 and that’s been a boot to deal with. CBD products are something I’ve thought about and with the opening of this store, this will give me a good opportunity to check stuff out. To be honest, I’m over dealing with so many doctors!

Details on the store and the products can be found here.