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Traveling has been out for most of us over the last year, especially overseas traveling. Now a piece of the Vatican City in Rome is coming to Charlotte. A unique exhibition that offers a life-size, up-close opportunity to experience artist Michelangelo’s most iconic masterpieces, will be in town beginning tomorrow.

“Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition” showcases the famous painter’s renowned ceiling works of art. They are reproduced using photography and they’ll be on display in their original size. Guests can see the intricate details of each piece. How amazing!

The exhibit opens Saturday, May 1 and continues through July 31 at the former Old Dominion Paper Warehouse at Savona Mill at 401 South Gardner Ave. Visitors will be required to wear face masks or coverings at all times, although capacity for the exhibit is limited. Tickets will be sold by timed entry.

You won’t have to pack a bag or book a flight to see some astounding works! To see these works of art up close will be mind blowing! For more information or to purchase tickets, go to 

Step into the Sistine Chapel like never before

Tickets to the Stunning 360-Degree Exhibit of The Sistine Chapel Are Now On Sale ➡