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Melany Myers

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday and if you’re searching for a gift for your mom, or for a mom in your life, this is a good one. Most moms love a snuggly nap blanket and they love real emotion. This combines both

This handwritten letter blanket from artist Diane Scaman on Uncommon Goods takes your words and blows them up times 20. This gift is perfect for Mother’s Day. The blanket is 100% cotton and is made to order. It can be personalized with the words of your choice, as long as you don’t go over the 400 character limit.

I’m thinking about getting this for my mom. Of course, it may get there a little late for Mother’s Day. I cannot think of anything to get for my mom this year. She did so very much for me the past few months. I don’t think I can ever truly thank her!

My mom came to stay with me in November when I had spinal fusion surgery. We thought she’d be with me for about a month. After the first surgery, I got a staph infection and subsequently had to have a second surgery. My poor mom was with me for just over three months! She put her life on hold to take care of me, and I really want to find something unique that lets her know how amazing she is. This blanket might work. I can put into words how I feel and it’s different.

The blanket is 37-inches wide and 52-inches long. It would be great as a throw on the sofa, a wall tapestry, or you could even get crazy and put it in a huge frame. You can order the blanket here. 

That feeling you get when you give juuust the right gift and it's just for her. Mother's Day gifts, personalized.Shop now:

Posted by Uncommon Goods on Wednesday, April 14, 2021