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Lawsuit Claims Bagel Bites Don’t Contain Enough Real Cheese or Tomato Sauce

As the classic theme goes, “When you have pizza on a bagel, you can have pizza any time.” But what if the ingredients aren’t really there? A lawsuit claims that Bagel Bites don’t contain enough cheese and tomato sauce as hyped up on the product’s box. The lawsuit claims, “the Product does not contain ‘real’ mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, as these foods are understood and expected by consumers.” The lawsuit also claims that thickeners and fillers are being used.  Kraft Heinz Food Company, who produces Bagel Bites, says the lawsuit “lacks merit.” Do you eat Bagel Bites? Do you care about the quality of the ingredients in Bagel Bites?

Have you not eaten bagel bites at 2am when getting home from your favorite watering hole? Did you not believe at that moment in time that BAGEL BITES were the single greatest creation on the planet? Did you critique the amount of cheese or sauce or were you just so thankful that the amount of freezer burn was completely acceptable to a person in your condition.

I’m not saying I have experience here but people have told me this. Leave bagel bites alone. Thank You and drive through.