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Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

May 4th has become the official day for Star Wars nerds worldwide. Full disclosure: Yours truly is a big time nerd. In 1977 i saw Star Wars 33 times between May and December. I did take a break to get married in July of that year. Recently I purchased my favorite “hoody” which states that I was there at the start, May 25th, 1977.

So, how can be it be Star Wars day and me not blog about it? What’s your favorite Star Wars movie?┬áPersonally It’s “Empire Strikes Back” atop my list, followed by “A New Hope” and then “Return of The Jedi”. The first 3 in the series, which were the 2nd 3 made…HATED IT! The last 3 were good because they brought my favorite characters back.

It’s May 4th. Watch your favorite STAR WARS movie tonight and honor THE FORCE, or the 4TH.

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