Happy Cinco De Mayo! If you’re like me and aren’t ready to be around a lot of people, you can make your own superb fiesta and celebrate at home this year. I’ve found some yummy Mexican and/or Mexican-inspired recipes that you can make easily. And yes, there are margarita recipes included!

Margaritas are essential for Cinco De Mayo but you may wanna limit how many you have before cooking. You don’t need an urgent care visit for a knife wound that you got while cutting up veggies or meat. It’s happened to me! There is a recipe for a classic margarita (use a splash of orange juice instead of the recommended orange liqueur) as well as strawberry and mango margarita recipes. Mango is my personal favorite.

Once you’ve decided on your drink of choice, you can focus on less important things, like the food. Salsa is a must. Personally, I’m a bit fan of salsa verde, but I’ve never made it at home. In my opinion, you can buy really tasty salsa. Guacamole I like to make. I enjoy it a bit chunky and I use red onion, avacado, jalapeno, tomatoes, salt, pepper, fresh lime juice, cilantro, and a splash of olive oil. This recipe is close to mine and looks good!

Tacos are a go-to for many people since they’re easy to make and easy to eat. I’ve heard amazing things about Barbacoa Tacos but I’ve never had them. They look great! So many people enjoy fish tacos which I’ve also never had, but these do look tasty.  I think the citrus slaw would add a brightness to any seafood taco.

There are fajita recipes too along with quick and really easy recipes, and some recipes for non-alcoholic beverages. Don’t forget to buy some tortilla chips to go along side all the dishes listed. Happy Cinco De Mayo!