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Throwback Video of the Week!

5/20/99 Los Angeles, CA. Mark Wahlberg at a party to celebrate the launch of the ABSOLUT TOM FORD. ABSOLUT GUCCI advertising collaboration. (Photo by Dan Callister Online USA, Inc./getty Images)

Here’s one for the ladies. Before he became a Hollywood heartthrob and burger baron, Mark Wahlberg was just the younger brother of New Kids On The Block’s Donnie Wahlberg. But young Marky Mark would eventually surpass his brother’s fame and it all started with the Funky Bunch and “Good Vibrations.”

Released as the first single from their debut album, Music for the People, “Good Vibrations” topped the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales charts in 1991. The song also appeared on the soundtracks for three Mighty Ducks movies, as well as commercials for Calvin Klein underwear in which Wahlberg starred.

The black-and-white music video features a 20-year-old Marky Mark working out, boxing bare chested, and making out with a girl on a bed. Boxer Micky Ward is credited for helping with the boxing technique and training for the video. Mark Wahlberg later portrayed Ward on the big screen in the 2010 film The Fighter.

While you might like the song and video below, you might not want to mention it if you ever meet Mark Wahlberg. According to Songfacts, he doesn’t like it when people bring up his days as a rapper or the nickname “Marky Mark.” I probably shouldn’t have even posted this.