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Gotta be honest, when I saw this headline I got excited! I’m going on a beach trip this weekend with a bunch of girlfriends and this is something that’s right up our alley.

There’s an Aldi Facebook group called ‘The Aldi Nerd Facebook Group’ and folks are posting pics of their grown-up juice pouches. They are taking 32-ounce bags of frozen fruit and putting bottles of Aldi’s fruity wines inside them.

Group member Tammy Hurt is getting credit for inventing the boozy concoction. Her favorite combo is mixed berries and Aldi’s margarita mix, but she adds that coconut wine and pineapple give that “summer beach vibe” to the drink. Other people are using hard seltzer lemonade instead of wine and some are using vodka.

Aldi is getting us all ready for summer! And if you want to try this, using any booze would work. And how perfect are these for the beach? I can promise you you’ll see a pic of me rockin’ one of these soon!