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It started off as an April Fool’s joke in 2020 but now it’s becoming a reality. I know there are lots of pickle fans (I’m one) and this may be something Phil & I need to taste test.

Brümate and Crook & Marker have announced that they’ve partnered with Afternoon to release a hard pickle seltzer.  According to the website, the specialty seltzer will be launched this summer in 11.5-ounce cans, with only 100 calories, zero sugar and 5% ABV.

There’s no set date but only 10,000 12-packs of pickle seltzer will be available later this summer. You can sign up on the companies website to get updates. 

This may be tasty after a hot day. I’d probably like it! I’m not so sure I like the packaging…the pickle looks weird, but I’d try it!