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Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Move over, Twix. Here comes a candy with a completely different kind of crunch. To celebrate the 17-year reappearance of the Brood X cicadas, a Maryland company is covering the little critters in chocolate.

CNN reports that Chouquette Chocolates starts by freezing fresh cicadas. The bugs are then quickly dipped in boiling water, coated in oil and spices, air fried, and dropped in milk or dark chocolate. Company owner Sarah Dwyer says, “It’s really like a chocolate-covered potato chip.”

There shouldn’t be any danger of Chouquette Chocolates running out of the main ingredient. Billions of cicadas will emerge as temperatures rise in the eastern part of the U.S., including here in North Carolina. This year should bring the largest cicada appearance since 2004.

As candy goes, these buggy bon bons may not be the worst thing for you. Experts say cicadas are low in fat and high in protein. But if you aren’t into ingesting insects, Chouquette Chocolates has other cicada-related confections without the bug in them. You browse their selection and order online HERE.