Breast Cancer Awareness Month with K104.7

I love all of my friends that work in healthcare but I swear, if I see one more doctor this year I may snap! LOL! You know I had spinal fusion surgery in November, and then a second surgery after a staph infection. Well, last week my mammogram came back suspicious. Oh joy.

Today I had to go get a biopsy on my left breast. The doctor’s and staff at CaroMont Imaging Services were awesome! It wasn’t a pleasant experience but it could have been worse. I think after seeing so many doctors due to my neck issues, I’m a bit tired of medical issues. And I can tell you that I’m damn sure sick of needles. But, when a test comes back normal, you have to suck it up and do what’s necessary for your health.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but honestly, we need to remember handle our breast health all year round. I missed my mammogram last year and after this scare, that won’t happen again.  I’m not sharing my personal info for sympathy, I want to make sure that all of you remember to take care of YOU! It’s very important, especially as we get older. We women truly have SO much to deal with physically….it’s exhausting!

My results won’t be available until Wednesday when I go in for a follow up appointment. My nerves are a bit shot, I won’t lie. And sadly, I will probably be overeating Ben & Jerry’s all Memorial Day Weekend, but I’ll get through it. As you spend time with family and friends this weekend, enjoy! And remember to remind those you love to get regular breast checkups.

mel in hospital gown