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File this under “W” for “Worst Job Ever.”

Over the past year, Australia’s Qantas Airlines has had to park their fleet of A380 superjumbo jets due to the sharp decline in travel during the pandemic. One location is at an “airplane graveyard” in Victorville, California. You know who else hangs around there? Rattlesnakes.

UPI reports that, in order to keep those pesky and poisonous serpents out of their planes, the airline has given their maintenance engineers long broom handles. The engineers use the broom handles to scare the rattlesnakes out of the planes’ tires. Qantas call these brave but unfortunate employees “wheel whackers.”

The snakes love the warm rubber of the tires, but can also end up in the brake system, so it’s a good thing the “wheel whackers” are on the case. And so far, there haven’t been any snake bites.


David McNew/Getty Images