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When I say this, many of you will be shocked. I am not a big fan of glazed doughnuts including Krispy Kreme. I know, I know, how dare I?! But it’s true. The famous “Hot & Now” sign does nothing for me. That said, the newest donut collection looks and sounds so very yummy!

Yesterday Krispy Kreme launched their Lemonade Glaze collection and it screams summer! The new lineup is now in participating stores across the country through June 20. There are four new doughnuts and they all sound quite tasty.  Not only do they sound awesome, they’re so pretty!

First up is the Lemonade Glazed Doughnut which is a glazed doughnut topped with the new Lemonade Glaze. If you’d like your Lemonade Glazed doughnut filled with Lemon Kreme on the inside, you’ll want to check out the Lemonade Glazed Lemon Kreme Doughnut. Then there’s the Strawberry Lemonade Doughnut which is a pink creation that features strawberry and lemon icing on top of a Lemonade Glazed doughnut. Finally, there’s the Pink Lemonade Cake Doughnut, which starts off with a Pink Lemonade doughnut and is finished off with Lemonade Glaze, lemon buttercream, and pink sugar.

Talk about your summertime sugar rush! Although I’m not a big fan of glazed doughnuts, I’d try these. And the Pink Lemonade Cake Doughnut sounds delightful! The pricing for the new doughnuts, both individually and for a dozen, will depend on the location.

Today is National Best Friend Day and this is a great collection to share. And Krispy Kreme is celebrating the day offering a BOGO deal today. All you have to do is buy one Lemonade Glaze doughnut and you’ll get one for free to share with your bestie! And let’s be honest, getting all sugared up is way more fun with a friend!