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Sometimes when you make plans they don’t go AS planned and it’s not a bad thing! An Ohio couples maternity shoot has gone viral thanks to a horse named Buckshot.

Amanda Eckstein and Philip Werner planned a maternity photo shoot and hired a professional photographer. As the photographer snapped the pictures, a very expressive horse named Buckshot decided to join in on the fun.  The photographer, Kristen, shared the pictures on Facebook and the post has more than 25,000 likes, 75,000 shares and 6,200 comments. Without question, this couple will always remember this day.

As the happy couple posed for pictures, Buckshot decided he’s crash the photos with a huge smile. It’s like Buckshot KNEW what was happening and decided to liven up the shoot. The first few pictures are the happy couple with some horses around. After the first few shots, Buckshot decided to let his personality take over.

The whole shoot is too funny and you can see all the pictures here. Good stuff!