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Here’s a piece of advice as we head into summer: If you take your giant inflatable flamingo out on the water, try not drift too far from shore.

Some members of the U.S. Coast Guard in Alaska can probably say they’ve seen it all now. They had to rescue a group of friends off the coast of Kodiak last weekend. And according to Alaska Public Media, Nation Sega, his sister, her roommate and dogs were indeed on a big flamingo floatie.

Sega said strong winds pushed them out to “the middle of nowhere” while they were relaxing on the flamingo. They drifted into Monashka Bay and eventually became stranded on some rocks. The Coast Guard had to use a helicopter hoist to bring the three people back to shore. The flamingo was also recovered, but is still in Coast Guard custody. Here’s some footage of the rescue:

Coast Guard Alaska Pink Flamingo Rescue!

We see a lot of things out here on the Island, but watching the Coast Guard rescue some people from an inflatable flamingo in Monashka Bay? That's a little ...