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If you missed it our beloved Mel of The Phil & Mel Show recently revealed she has breast cancer. Earlier this week Mel sat down with our friends at WBTV to talk about her diagnosis and difficult past few months.

Check out an excerpt from the story below:

A cancer diagnosis can be a deeply personal, devastating thing. Many people find themselves retreating from the reality and either not acknowledging what’s happening, or not wanting to reach out for help.

“I’ve had an interesting year,” Melany Myers said.

Melany Myers, half of the team of Phil and Mel in the Afternoon on K104.7 has been through a year that would have broken most. It started off with spinal fusion surgery that had complications.

“When I had surgery, I ended up with a staph infection that almost truly almost killed me, it was really hardcore.” said Myers.

That put her off the air for three months. But that wasn’t the end of the bad news.

“Last week, I got diagnosed with breast cancer.” she said.

But instead of pulling away, she pushed forward using her radio platform to encourage others to get checked.

“I wanted people to look at me because I do have a lot of people on Facebook and doing the radio to make sure to get their mammograms.” Myers told WBTV.

She not only blogged about it but posted videos on how she was doing. And her words resonated. People who Myers didn’t even know not only showed their support but like Heidi Abell, went and got a mammogram the very next day.

“She said, hey ladies, please go get checked. And I thought to myself there’s not a lot I can do for her, but I sure can follow her advice.” said longtime listener Heidi Abell.

And helping her through all of this, is Mel’s biggest fan who happens to sit across the desk from her.

“Cancer made a mistake when it decided to mess with that one over there. She has everything she needs to get through it. Nobody is doubting her ability to do it.” said Phil Harris.

Anyone who has spent time with Mel knows that she will kick cancer’s butt. She will have surgery followed by radiation later this summer. We love you Mel!

Read the full article and watch the story here