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If you had 7700 pennies what would you do with them? Without question, I’d be heading to the bank to get those things exchanged for bills! But not everyone feels the same way about “extra” money. A woman recently spent 16 hours gluing 7700 pennies to her bathroom floor and it looks cool!

Jordan Darian posted a TikTok video of the renovation at her home in West Hollywood, California and it has already got more than 20 million views. She glued the coins down on top of the existing wood floor. Darian used Elmer’s glue to secure the pennies and then sealed the floor with epoxy resin.

She told her followers that she has been renovating her home since buying it with her husband in 2018.  She decided the pennies would give her bathroom floor a unique look. Her mom had always talked about doing it, so she decided to give it a shot.

After the process was complete, one of her followers claimed to have spied a valuable vintage coin in the floor. In 1996 one of the 1943 copper-ally pennies sold for $82,500, but there was no confirmation if one had actually been glued down.

I’m not sure I’d have the patience to glue all those pennies to a floor, but the end result is funky looking. It’s definitely unique!


POV me over here trying to make cents of the penny floor comments, when we all know I can’t change what’s done 😉😝 #pennyfloor #BestSeatInTheHouse