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When I watched this ad this morning I immediately thought it was a clip of a sitcom or an SNL skit. Nope. It’s a real ad for the dating site

Actor Ryan Reynolds and Match have teamed up to let you know that it’s time to get back to love. The actor’s production company, Maximum Effort, released a music video for a catchy original song called “Get Back to Love”. The song was written by some of the music industry’s most esteemed and talented songwriters. Some of the writers are Shane McAnally who co-wrote Sam Hunt’s “Body Like a Back Road”, Taura Stinson who’s written for Mary J. Blige, and Grammy award winning duo Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

The premise of the song is aimed at singles and users of the dating app to “get back to gettin’ it on,” which is carefully illustrated by a group of 12 real-life wedding singers in the music video. The wedding singers are encouraging dating so they can “get back to work.” It totally makes sense! Very little dating happened over the last year or so because of the pandemic, which means very few weddings happened. Reynolds hit the nail on the head with this commercial. The lyrics stick with you. Especially the line “get back to love, come on and get the church bells ringing”. HA!

Reynolds posted the commercial on his Instagram this week and people are loving it. Lyrically it’s a bit crass in places, but it’s honest and funny. As a single person, it makes me want to join Not just to date but to help out the wedding singers! LOL!